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Connie Littlefield

Sasha Shulgin (1925 – 2014) was a chemist who invented nearly 200 psychedelic substances, including MDMA and many other well-known molecules. His wife and co-author, Ann Shulgin (b. 1931), is a lay therapist and a pioneer in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy. They live(d) near Berkeley, California, on a few acres known as “The Shulgin Farm.”

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When the work on this film began, I took the sub-title from the Shulgins’ books as a mission statement: “A Chemical Love Story.” While this idea has grown and changed since then, it has also stayed the same. This is the story of how Ann met Sasha, and how their “chemistry” impacted society on a global level, and has given evolution a chance to leap forward.
Ann and Sasha achieved a kind of intimacy that most people only dream of, and they are happy to share the secret! Theirs is a love story with a message that can apply to all. Sasha’s revolutionary approach and scientific expertise established a gold standard in psychedelic research, but it was Ann’s skills with people and words that spread these ideas to the wider culture. Without Ann, we never would have heard of Sasha, and vice versa. This film will explore how they used this synergy to be their best possible selves.
Psychedelics are not merely fun, and they’re certainly not a form of escape. They are powerful tools, and we need all the tools we can get. These experiences can, when incorporated mindfully, improve our daily lives. How? Let’s find out!

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photo by Ross Crockford

We are seeking visual and audio archives from all sources for this project… If you have and photos or video that you think might be useful, please do get in touch!

Become part of the team that will bring this important story to the screen! This film will put the story of psychedelic research in context, both in popular culture and in the historical record. This is a story that needs to be told, and the time is now.

MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is the fiscal sponsor for this project. If you click on the donation link, it takes you to a MAPS-sponsored web page, where you can make a donation that will help us make this film. The receipts are for American tax returns, but we are grateful for gifts from everywhere.

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The Team

I’m Connie Littlefield , and I wrote and directed “Hofmann’s Potion: The Early Years of LSD” which came out in 2002. This film has been credited with changing the way many people think about psychedelic drugs. In 2006, my film “Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey,” was called “the smartest documentary yet on a divisive subject” by the Vancouver Sun. 2015’s “The Sunshine Makers,” which I wrote and produced, has been well-received by movie audiences everywhere. I have an MFA in filmmaking from NSCAD University.

Cinematographer Sue Johnson has over fifteen years of filmmaking experience and an MFA degree in Documentary Media from Ryerson University. Primarily working in documentary cinematography, Johnson has recently completed projects for Al Jazeera International, Nike, and a range of independent documentary directors and producers.  She is the recipient of the Innoversity Summit’s Digital Storytellers Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts, and the National Film Board’s Filmmaker Assistance Program grant.  She maintains her own production company, Still Silver Productions, in Toronto.

Renée Reeser Zelnick is a Los Angeles-based creative director, concept and storyboard artist specializing in creating visual campaigns and design for film and television studios, video game companies, fashion houses, publishing and global lifestyle brands. Her projects include HBO’s ‘Veep’ and ‘Vice Principals,’ Amazon’s ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ and ‘Good Girls Revolt’ and just about every thing on the Travel Channel. Renee is passionate about storytelling and all things mystical and unexplainable, like the art and underground club scenes. She has a BFA in film  from Moore College of Art and Design and an MA from the University of Philosophical Research.

Artist Dana Smith‘s photographically based work is best illustrated by the collage book 32 Big Pictures. In 2004 Dana Smith founded a fine arts digital press for the purpose of creating limited edition artwork. The project is called Dana Dana Dana and can be seen in its entirety online. Dana and Mark McCloud created “LSD Barbie” in 1993, and in 2003 started The Blotter Barn, an ongoing project to document Mark’s extensive collection of blotter papers. Dana has worked extensively in film and digital video.

After studying filmmaking at Niagara College, editor  James Yates moved to Toronto where he began working as a film editor. In 2016, Yates co-edited the feature documentary “All Governments Lie,” from executive producer Oliver Stone, which had its world premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, and for which he was nominated for a 2017 Canadian Cinema Editors Award. James has also edited “The Corporate Coup d’État” and “Toxic Beauty,” recently released by White Pine Pictures.

Production Assistant Andrew Mizia has many talents in addition to his skill with cameras. He is musical and artistically inclined, enjoys cultivating gardens, and hopes to one day practice psychedelically-assisted psychotherapy. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys Redwood groves, bodies of water, and strolling down the backroads of his mind. Sound Designer Eva Madden has been working in documentary and dramatic film and television for over fifteen years. With a BFA from Concordia University’s Film Program, Eva has also created and told many stories shown on television, DVD and in film festivals. Now living on BC’s Sunshine Coast, Eva sound edits from her studio in the woods. Her client roster includes the National Film Board of Canada, CTV, CBC, Discovery Channel, Netflix, ABC and Disney. Story Editor Siobhan Flanagan has worked as scriptwriter and consultant on award-winning documentaries for the BBC, CBC, PBS, National Film Board of Canada, and National Geographic. She has immersed herself in a wide variety of subjects, including space warfare, naval warfare, wildlife, the Arctic, spiritual activism, aspects of death, classical music, and astrophysics. She has lived in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Peru, Iran, India, the UK, the UAE, and Canada, and finds documentary films satisfy an ingrained appetite to explore, discover, and understand.

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