Click here for: ‘Be What You Are,’ the idea for ‘Huxley’s Exit’

This piece contains flawed mini-DV footage of the Huxley house. It was shot by Kyle Cameron and depicts Connie Littlefield during a visit to Laura Huxley in 2002. It features images of the room where Aldous died in 1963, and the room where Laura later passed on, in 2006. It was edited by Connie, long after the fact.

The video footage has been cut together with images taken from the Prelinger Archives.

The music is by composer Andy McNeill of Elora, Ontario.  The vocal track is a guided meditation recorded by Laura Archera Huxley in 1962.

It was created as part of a group show called “Progress in Work” at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia in November 2014.